Wednesday 18 November 2015

Maia Conran at Kingsgate Project Space

Developing from her research into the disembodied voice, Maia Conran recently completed a residency at Kingsgate Project Space in London, which resulted in an exhibition and performance entitled This island, and its buildings, is our private paradise. she combined enacted and recorded monologues, a computer narrated internet search and sampled voices from found footage with a screenplay co-authored with novelist Yannick Hill. The work examines the possibilities for these polyphonic voices to locate a protagonist and a place.

Wednesday 11 November 2015

The Disembodied Voice meets Anna Barham

In September the group met up with Anna Barham to discuss her exhibition at Arcade and her ongoing investigation into the dichotomy of meaning and its translation as various codes – alphabet, sound and image. We discussed her live production reading groups in which malleable interpretations of a selected text were created and activated by the participants' voices and speech to text software.

Link to Barham's exhibition at ARCADE

Image: Breath Mark 2015

Wednesday 10 June 2015

Man Made Structures and The Disembodied Voice

Thursday 18 June 2015
Man Made Structures and The Disembodied Voice
((Recording, 10 – 4pm))
Public Talk, 6 – 8pm
The Disembodied Voice presents an evening of presentations exploring relationships between architecture and objects and the voice. The event will include works in process by members of The Disembodied Voice research group and a lecture by Michiel Huijben titled ‘Becoming a Building’, ending with an open discussion.
The Disembodied Voice is a collaborative research project which sets out to investigate the relationship between the disembodied voice and contemporary visual culture. The group includes Maia Conran, Patrick Coyle, Karen Di Franco and Kihlberg & Henry. 
Michiel Huijben – Becoming a Building
From the verticality of the body as resembled in Greek columns, to people eating and dating walls and other built structures, this talk will propose that buildings share more similarities with us (and vice versa) than we are usually inclined to think. Taking examples from the history of art, architecture, mythology and life in general, it will suggest a number of ways for you to become more like a building, by focusing on the relations and similarities between human bodies and the material environment, and, specifically, to buildings.
Michiel Huijben is an artist, currently based in London, where he is studying the MA Architectural History, Theory and Interpretation at the Cass. Michiel is also co-founder of the blog

Tuesday 24 March 2015

This month we met with Debra Leigh from
Debra held a voice workshop covering an introduction to the following: 
- how to best use your voice
- breath control
- articulation
- aspects of influence

The aim was to gain a further insight to how we use the voice in our work whether that is in video, performance or radio broadcasting. 

Sunday 18 January 2015

In order to gain some focused time together the group visited Wysing Art Centre this weekend. We had a really productive time and during the two days we were able to discuss future ideas, produce some new work for upcoming exhibitions as well as testing a few new ideas for voice over work.

We also had time to plan for the next session which will have something to do with meeting a Voice Coach to train our voices. 

Sunday 11 January 2015

We are very much looking forward for a research, development and production weekend at Wysing Art Centre this month.

Monday 1 December 2014

We are pleased to announce that the Disembodied Voice Society project has been awarded a Research and Development Grant from Arts Council England.

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